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Educational process at the National Aerospace University

The educational process at the University is an intellectual, creative activity in the field of higher education and science, which is carried out through a system of scientific-methodical and pedagogical activities and is aimed at the transfer, assimilation, multiplication and use of knowledge, skills and other competences of persons who study, and also for the formation of a harmoniously developed personality. The purpose of the educational process at the University is to train competent, highly qualified and competitive specialists in the national and international labor markets for aerospace and other industries and types of economic activity. Forms of obtaining education at the University: full-time (full-time); remote; extramural; dual The University provides training and retraining of specialists with higher education according to the relevant educational and professional (educational and scientific) programs at the following levels of higher education: primary level; first (undergraduate); the second (master's degree); the third (educational and scientific). Obtaining a higher education at each of its levels requires the applicant to successfully complete the appropriate educational (educational-professional or educational-scientific) program and pass the certification, which is the basis for awarding the appropriate degree of higher education: junior bachelor; bachelor's degree; master's degree; doctor of philosophy.

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