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The University has its own campus situated around the academic buildings. It consists of 10 halls of residence with 6110 places available.

The halls of residence house reading halls, dining halls, canteens, cafes.

Students can live in a two or three-bed dormitory on-campus with the following facilities:

  • 2-3 beds,
  • bedside-tables;
  • a wardrobe;
  • a table;
  • bookshelves;
  • chairs in the room;
  • bathroom facilities;
  • fitted kitchen with cooker.

Students have possibility to cook their meal on their own.

The accommodation in the halls of residence is not included in the tuition fee and shall be paid separately. The cost of living in the hostels in a two-bed dormitory varies from 40 USD to 70 USD per month subject to living conditions. The cost of living in the hostels in a three-bed dormitory varies from 30 USD to 50 USD per month subject to living conditions. Price depends on heating season.

International students may rent a private lodging. The cost of private rented accommodation varies according to a city district, lifestyle, furniture, etc. and amount to 250-300 USD per month.

KhAI students have a great possibility to practice various kinds of sport. KhAI has sports complex which houses track and field hall, swimming pool, and stadium.

The University has "PROLISOK" sporting health camp which is located on the bank of the river. It is a wonderful place to spend summer holidays and practice sport.



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