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Dual education at the National Aerospace University
"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"

Dual form of education at the National Aerospace University named after M. E. Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" provides full-time students with education by combining studies at the University with studies at workplaces in enterprises, institutions and organizations to acquire certain qualifications on the basis of a contract.

The purpose of the introduction of a dual form of education is to improve the quality of professional training of education seekers.

The main tasks of dual education:

- strengthening and improvement of the practical component of the educational process with ensuring the achievement of learning outcomes defined in the relevant educational standard and educational program;

- ensuring interconnection, interpenetration and mutual influence of different systems (science and education, science and production or the public sector) for the implementation of important changes aimed at improving the quality of education;

- improving the quality of specialist training in accordance with the real requirements of the labor market and providing the national economy with qualified specialists;

- strengthening the role of employers and professional associations in the system of training qualified personnel from the formation of the content of educational programs to the evaluation of training results;

- modernization of the content of education in order to bring it into line with the requirements of the labor market;

- increasing the level of competitiveness of University graduates in the conditions of globalization and promoting the growth of youth employment;

- shortening the period of adaptation of graduates to professional activity;

- increasing the motivation of education seekers to study.

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