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Preparatory department


Language Programs are taught at the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens at the National Aerospace University "KhAI". During the period of existence of the Preparatory Department about 1000 foreign citizens from all over of the world obtained the knowledge necessary for their further study at the NAU KhAI and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine on engineering, economics and natural sciences.

The training is conducted according to the standard curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The students of Preparatory Department study the following disciplines: Ukrainian language, English language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Drawing, Computer science, Computer linguistics, Biology (for those who wish to study in the future on natural sciences).

The cost of training amounts to 1000 $ USD per year.

The academic year at the Preparatory Department lasts from September 1 to July 1 and it consists of two semesters. The foreign citizens have to arrive for a training within the period from September 1 to January 1. The second semester starts in February. At the end of each semester the students have to take the examinations followed by holidays. The students of the Preparatory Department may also be exempted from attending classes during their national and religious holidays.

The accommodation conditions for the students of the Preparatory Department are similar to those for foreign students who are trained at other academic faculties.

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