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Campus of the National Aerospace University

On February 15, 1972, by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR № 83 of February 7, 1972, the Student Campus of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute was established. Vononarahovuvalo a eight campuses and three houses young professionals and the staff of the Institute.

Today, the campus has 9 dormitories for 5,508 places with a total area of 68,902.60 m2, 6 residential buildings for 485 apartments with a total area of 27,048 m2 and is located in an area of about 14 hectares.

A characteristic feature of campus - the settlement of students in dormitories and creating satisfactory living conditions for accommodation, service and support in good sanitary condition of the housing stock.

From the first day of formation, the campus was managed by experienced specialists, graduates of the Aviation Institute, the following directors: Dolzhenkov N.V. (1972-1974), today associate professor of the department №502; Dolmatov A.I. (1974-1975), now Dean of the Faculty of Aircraft Engines, Professor, Head of the Department №204; Oliynyk O.V. (1975-1978); Tkachenko V.A. (1978-1979); Nechiporuk M.V. (1979-1998), currently the rector of the university, Bugaenko O.M. (1998-2019) is currently the vice-rector for administrative and economic activities, now heads the staff of the campus Derkachivsky G.A.

In 1996, in order to perfectly organize the work on the campus to improve living conditions, the campus was allocated to a state enterprise with independent economic activity within the structural unit of the institute. The KhAI campus is the first and so far the only example of economic independence in the city of Kharkiv.

To meet the everyday problems of students and staff of the university on the campus are: hairdressers, cafes, cafeterias, shoe repair shop, laundry and dry cleaning.

To ensure the cultural leisure of students on campus, there is a disco, billiards club, chess club, sports ground. Each hostel has an equipped sports room.

Creating your own mechanical workshops, garages with a garage for 6 units of vehicles allows you to quickly and properly solve the problems of the campus.

The staff of the campus allowed to create their own crews of welders, regular services and repair and construction crews. Today, the campus is a farm that can solve a range of specialized problems for the maintenance of housing.

Today, the team of the campus is managed by experienced specialists, mostly graduates of KHAI of different years. This, the chief engineer - Shtogrin V.A., deputy directors - Voloshin V.V. and Yermakova S.K., chief accountant - Bahaaddini L.V. In dormitories, educational and administrative work is done by dormitory managers. One of the most expensive acquisitions of the campus is its native team, which has a staff of more than 380 units. This team is headed by Gennady Derkachivsky, a 1993 KHAI graduate.

Every young man and woman entering the University is convinced that the campus will be their home, and the prestigious education received within the walls of their home University is the key to their future careers.

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