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Student Design Bureau
of the National Aerospace University
"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"


Back in the 30s of the last century, during the design of the Khai-1 aircraft, students actively participated in the creation of aviation equipment. The Student Design Bureau of Khai Khai began its history in 1959. During this time, Khai Khai built more than 60 aircraft of various types, and there were also unfinished projects. The motto of the students of those years was "Build and fly!"

The purpose of the activity of the student design bureau of KhAI: 

carrying out technical development of samples of aviation equipment, equipment and production and repair technologies with wide involvement of student youth in the practical solution of educational, economic and social tasks, as well as increasing students' interest in innovations in technical progress and technology development in certain fields of science and production.

The main tasks of the student design bureau of KhAI:

- within the scope of practical training of students, implementation of real developments and search works based on contracts with enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership;

- fulfillment of university orders;

- participation in the educational process, conducting industrial practice, diploma and course design;

- promotion of the latest achievements of science and technology, the best developments of SDB KHAI in mass media, at exhibitions, conferences, seminars;

Functions of the student design bureau of KhAI:

- carrying out design work on the creation of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles of various purposes, special equipment and production and repair technologies;

- performing practical work on determining the actual flight, technical, operational characteristics of aircraft in the conditions of airfields together with organizations that have permission to perform such work;

- organization of a lecture on the theory of piloting aircraft, ground training, in order to popularize the activities of the University and complement the educational process;

- performance of technical and design works in other industries;

- providing consultations to students during the development of course and diploma projects;

- provision of consultations to enterprises, organizations, and private individuals in the field of technical activity, when carrying out examinations of technical projects, developments, ideas.

In its composition, the student design bureau of KhAI has:

- aircraft model laboratory;

- hang gliding club;

- paragliding club;

- courses for operators of ground-based means of controlling unmanned aerial vehicles.

Main areas of activity:

- working with students, providing assistance to amateur designers of aviation equipment, creation of flying manned equipment, work on unmanned topics, propellers. Employees participate in exhibitions, aviation competitions.

At SDB KHAI, you can get practical knowledge and skills related to the manufacture of flying equipment, you can get advice on issues of interest.

SDB KHAI invites students who wish to engage in technical creativity to cooperate.

We are located in the impulse building, on the first floor, room 103, 102.

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