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Amateur at the National Aerospace University

The diverse amateur activities of students and their participation in cultural, sporting, social and other events supported by the university are also a great field for cultivating the project activity. Student life in KhAI is interesting and rich - there are students' scientific circles, Club of the Funny and Inventive, amateur performances, summer camp for students.

Club of the Funny and Inventive

Apparently, it was Club of the Funny and Inventive of KhAI that more than anyone else determined the style of the second generation of the Club teams. Based on the "Novosibirsk School", they adapted it for new themes and new demands of entertainment, while at the same time making a lot of their own discoveries and it’s with good reason that Club of the Funny and Inventive of KhAI has become classics in the mid 90's.

It is no coincidence that according to the 1996 audience rating, the team of Club of the Funny and Inventive of KhAI was the best one in 10 years since the revival of the Television Club. Warm-ups, played by this team, on the same poll, give way only to the warm-up with the audience at international meetings. These Kharkiv locals are famous for their absolutely indeterminate and at the same time extremely bright image, made up of "white jackets", "rock-n-roll" and permanent heroes of "ruler".

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Ensemble of Ballroom Dance “The Dream”

The ballroom dance ensemble was founded in KhAI in 1972. Since 1982 Galina Volodymyrivna and Volodymyr Stepanovich Kabaruukhin (graduates of KhAI in 1987) have been working with a student ensemble – world-class dancers, professional trainers and educators. The student ensemble from 1982 to 1985 performed at inter-university festivals, popular at that time, "Student's Spring", became the winner of the "Student's Autumn" in 1982 among the aviation universities of the USSR (at that time, it was the only students' team of ballroom dance), the winner of 1983-1986’s "Student's Spring ". In 1985, with support of the leadership of the Institute and the trade union committee of the KhAI, a dance club was created. In the same year the first enrolment of children was performed and the ensemble was named " The Dream".

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Wind-band of KhAI

The national amateur wind-band of KhAI has a glorious history. The music was always loved in the KhAI, therefore among the first "divisions" of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute were the wind-band, the string-band and a choir. It should be noted that no solemn event in the almost 90-year history of the KhAI was held without the participation of the wind-band. Many of the famous KhAI graduates were members of the wind band - among them are Chief Designers, Chief Engineers, well-known scholars.

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