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Repairs in hostels HAI

"Know, this is KHAI" performed by university teachers

The state enterprise "Ivchenko-Progress" celebrates 75 years

Agreement on dual education between KHAI and the FED

Dual education in KHAI

60 years of the Faculty of Radio Electronics, Computer Systems and Infocommunications

KHAI Orchestra - on the eve of the concert

The profession of the future in KHAI is a UAV operator

First Deputy Minister of Science Yuri Polyukhovych in KHAI

Department of Information Technology Design

Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering and Robotomechanical Systems

National Aerospace University "KhAI" is waiting for you!

Department of Information Technology Design

Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper in KHAI

Dance team of KHAI "Empire"

Kharkiv Avia Fest 2019. Jump to the Day of Aviation of Ukraine

"Eagle and tail" in KHAI

Day of HAI 2019

Correspondence master's degree of NAU "KHAI"! Combine work and study!

Youth StartUp movement in KHAI

How Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Aida" is born

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in the KHAI

Freshman Day 2018

Kharkiv Avia Fest 2018

Dedication to students 2018

Awarding diplomas with honors to 2018 graduates

Alexander Grigorenko Freshman Day 2018

Icarus HAI - 2017

KVN HAI - Know this HAI!

Champions in handball among Kharkiv universities 2017

2016 Icarus HAI digest

New Year's greetings of the rector of KHAI Kryvtsov V.S.

Orchestra of the National Aerospace University "KHAI"

My HAI I have something to remember

"Cooperation of the business community and education" KHAI 2016

Today, hundreds of students from China study at KHAI

Dedication to students of KHAI 2015

2015 Day of KhAI - KhAI 85

It is dedicated to KHAI men

KVN KHAI - White jacket

Dedication to women of KHAI

Girls of KHAI

KVN KHAI - Seen the Night

2016 Issue of KHAI 2016

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