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About us

The Department for Employment Promotion of Students and Alumni of the National Aerospace University was established on the basis of the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 27, 2010 №1726-r.

The main purpose of the department:

- assistance to students and graduates of the university in employment;

- increasing the competitiveness of students and graduates of the university in the labor market and their adaptation to practical activities;

- monitoring the careers of university graduates.

Employees of the department establish, establish and maintain contacts with potential employers for the purpose of further employment of students and graduates of the university.

Our mission:

- providing each graduate with a decent job with the opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge and potential.

Main areas of activity:

- organization of meetings of employers with students and graduates on the possibility of their further employment, holding job fairs, workshops, trainings, presentations of enterprises, companies;

- assistance in employment of students and graduates in accordance with the received specialty at the enterprises of the city of Kharkiv, region and other regions of Ukraine;

- establishing business relations of the higher educational institution with enterprises, institutions and organizations (employers) on the issues of employment of students and graduates;

- creation of a data bank of existing and potential employers, assistance in ensuring the prompt filling of vacancies;

- establishing and maintaining relations with university graduates, monitoring the employment and career growth of graduates;

- concluding contracts and agreements for students to pass all types of internships, internships, control over the passage and analysis of results.

The Department of Employment Promotion of Students and Alumni informs faculties and departments:

- about vacancies for university graduates;

- about temporary employment vacancies for students of all courses of the university;

- on measures to promote the employment of graduates and temporary employment of students (job fairs, presentations, workshops, etc.);

- about activities for teachers who conduct companies in order to establish links between companies and the teaching environment, which will identify common problems and find ways to solve them to improve education.

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